Replica IWC Update Da Vinci

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IWC today introduced three new Da Vinci watches, previewing the 2017 SIHH debut. The watch manufacturer in Schaffhausen will update this series in 2017. As shown in these three wristwatches, the IWC mainly launched the Da Vinci watch in 2017, ignoring the larger wrist with several more complex DaVinci updates, and will look familiar to the collectors who fell in love with the 1980s Leonardo da Vinci designed by the legendary IWC watchmaker Kurt Klaus. iwc
The main features of the new IWC Da Vinci series include a comprehensive casing model, as shown in the design of the series in the 1980s, which is a shape change found in the collections in the 1970s and again after 2007. IWC will focus on the edge of Da Vinci’s technology but will add the effect of Leonardo’s Da Vinci’s Art “flower of Life” sculpture back cover and component design.
This is the first watch of the IWC, combined with the hour and minute counter with the moon phase in a single child table. This technical expertise requires the redesign of Klaus’s existing IWC-manufactured 89630 movement, which has no moon space. Replica IWC engineers combine chronograph dual counter with moon phase mechanism and now show up on a single child table. This makes the stop time read as if they were the time of the day. The blue central chronograph shows the parking time, with a precision of one-quarter of a second. The chronograph uses two buttons to start, stop and reset the pointer and activate the flyback function.
Calendar at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock show the same color on the three sub-dial dates, month, and day of the week. Also, in one of the most precious features of Leonardo da Vinci in the 1980s, a small window shows a four-digit year in the lower left part of the dial. This calendar takes into account the different lengths of the month, even the leap year.
How accurate is the calendar here? Only once every 100 years, watchmakers will have to manually push the calendar. Of course, for those who think about the future, the 2300 IWC suggests another intervention, as the current century slides (20, 21, and 22) will need to be replaced by a new 2300 to 2599 years.
In the red gold model shown here, the case, horns, crown, and button are made of solid 18K red gold. Santoni’s yellow-brown crocodile leather strap with gold folding clasp. IWC Da Vinci perpetual calendar chronograph has two versions: 18K red gold (pictured) and stainless steel. Price: about $ 44,500. The steel version will bring $ 13,000 in retail prices to fall.
recently, the brand of more feminine products is not its focus, but last year’s 36mm Pilot watch automatically with male and female success and sustained female interest in the 37mm Portofino model debuted in 2014, making IWC expand its product to women.
This risk produced a variety of ladies watches scheduled for debut in 2017. The first two can check out these 36mm examples: a month phase watch rose gold and a three-handed automatic watch, the date set into a stunning blue dial. The new series has a simpler DaVinci bezel design and a more modern hand/dial outline. when the entire new IWC Da Vinci series was exhibited in Geneva in January this year, each series will have more chances.
The moon phase display in the Da Vinci family in 1985 was the focus of the new silver dial on the Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36. Golden or silver moon (depending on model) clockwise to move the dark blue sky. The gear train automatically advances the disc through a single tooth every day to depict the correct phase of the moon. If necessary, the wearer can adjust the gesture provided by the replica watches through the 2 o’clock correction button to adjust the display.
Da Vinci Auto 36, here is one of the four versions that debuted in January this year. Here, the new dial design is the most visible. Note the inner circle with a semicircular crown and a circular date window. IWC also created a new three-wing butterfly buckle and an earring design that easily fits the wrist.
IWC engraved Leonardo da Vinci’s so-called “flower of life” on the bottom cover of all Da Vinci Auto 36 and Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36 models. Since it represents Da Vinci’s search for beauty and proportions of mathematical rules, this design has been used to symbolize the IWC approach taken with this DaVinci watch collection.