Replica Vacheron Constantin Preview in 2017

First of all, at the end of last year, this latest Geneva watch brand Traditionnelle series (show Vacheron Constantin’s senior watch) combines two classic complex functions: triple repeater and tourbillon. This replica watch is equipped with a minute Tourbillon and an on-demand repeater, powered by the Caliber 2755 TMr, which is a perfect combination of fine technology and art, and few other manufacturers can match the function.
with a pink gold and platinum version, the 44mm watch only needs to press a single putt, prompting the mechanism of the hours, quarter, and minute. Dial with gray or silver-tone platinum style; and silver for the pink gold version. The dial on the carved with exquisite handmade hollow theme Vacheron Constantin set its fine clock.
Please note that the hour and minute hands are made of pink or platinum, depending on the version, slightly biased towards the upper part of the dial to provide more space for the tourbillon bracket. Some designers may not be out of this asymmetry on such a classic work, but here it can be a good balance between the Tourbillon and the relay slide. 58 hours power storage instructions can be found on the back of the watch. The watch has a resonant holder, which is used to amplify the sound and harmonize the notes issued by the three questions. Price: $ 490,900 (Gold) and $ 546,600 (Platinum).
At the other end of the price spectrum (for this brand anyway) this platinum or pink gold 42.5 mm Patrimony moon and retrograde date updates its forebear by allowing the wearer to set all the display through the crown, the aperture is in the case of a stylus. In its first position, it is used to roll up the crown of the watch. Once pulled out to the second notch, you can rotate the set date or counterclockwise to adjust the moon phase clockwise while the third position controls the time setting. On the dial, the moon’s cycle and age are reproduced on the display, which will not require 122 years of correction. retrograde date indication from top to bottom across radians from 1 to 31. Silver-plated opal dials are slightly raised around the rim and are marked with a pink or white (depending on the version) and a circular minute track of the tapered application. The dial on the Maltese cross, crocodile leather strap, and hand buckle are made according to the model by pink or platinum.
In the Patrimony Moon Phase and retrograde date is the Caliber 2460 r31L, an automatic winding movement, 40 hours power reserve, and a 22 car of the gold rotor. Price: $ 39,900.
Also, the new 2017 Vacheron Constantin replica combined with large enamel and hand-painted with precious powder, which is a Japanese guest artist Yoko Imai technology, designed for the fine series of art replica watches Metiersd’Art VillesLumi√®res. According to Vacheron Constantin, the series marks the first time these two technologies have been used together on the dial. The artist puts gold, pearls, platinum,, and diamond powder particles into the enamel, creating highlights in the pattern of the portraits that make up the selected landscape.
Crafts City Light New York Paris Paris
The first three models of this new series show the night scenes of Geneva, Paris,, and New York, and the artist’s work has created realistic roads, rivers,, and famous landmarks. 40mm platinum watch is of course certified by the Geneva Hormmark, internal beating Vacheron Constantin automatic movement 2460 SC. Price requirements.