Wonderful Diving with the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950

When you see Panerai watches fashioned after their historical predecessors, with fixed bezels and leather straps just like them, do you ever wonder if frogmen really wore the original versions to dive? After all, a rotating bezel and a metal bracelet or rubber strap are now considered essential for a dive watch.   pane-077457_03
Of course, there is ample evidence that Army frogmen did wear these early Panerai replica watches. But what was their mission like, and how did it feel to be a part of it? We searched for clues with an experienced frogman who is a member of the Historical Diving Society, an international organization dedicated to preserving and protecting diving heritage. He donned an old diving suit and brought vintage gear. He also brought the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Acciaio watch, which looks a lot like a Panerai watch from the 1950s, so we could relive the past era and experience the feeling of the frogmen of yesteryear.
In 1936, Panerai made the first prototype of a dive watch for Italian military divers. Two years later, these watches were called Radiomirs and went into production. In the mid-1950s, Panerai introduced a new version with curved crown protection bridges. This watch became known as the Luminor. until 1993, Panerai sold only to the military. Prior to that, collectors who wanted a Panerai watch had to find one at auction.
The Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Acciaio that we took with us on our dive was very similar to its ancestor. Like the original, this watch has a 47mm case with crown-protected bridges. The small seconds sub-dial is also identical to the earlier model: around 1956, Panerai replaced the watch’s Rolex manual-winding movement with the Angelus movement, which has no seconds hand and a 36-hour power reserve, while the Angelus movement has a small seconds display and an 8-day power reserve. Although our test fake Rolex watch had a power reserve of only three days, we felt it was sufficient for a hand-wound watch.
The diver who accompanied us on the dive, Jens Horner, is a trained frogman and minesweeper who has set depth records with and without equipment, including a scuba dive to a depth of 240 meters. He has explored underwater caves and underwater shipwrecks. We worked with him and the Historical Diving Society to recreate an unusual scenario: diving with equipment like the military divers of the 1950s and 1960s. Before his dive, he wore our test watch, a Panerai Luminor that matched its historical predecessor in almost every detail.

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Today, the watch I want to give a review is another vintage Pieria. It is Radiomir 1940 California PAM 718. I said it is a vintage PAM because its dial uses the old California style that could be only found on old Panerai watches. Blue hands with track minutes scales. The uses traditional Radiomir case that is measured to be 42mm in diameter. The case is made of 316L stainless steel and polished like a mirror, round bezel feels smooth and the lugs perfectly integrated into the case, it is a molded one-forged case piece and V6 factory watch masters have spent huge efforts on case finishing. Classic California unsigned dial in black color, hour markers are a mixture of various characters. Only two hands in blue displaying hours and minutes, hands and hour markers will emit strong green light in the dark. No more other printings could be found on this special dial except “L SWISS L”.
The fake Panerai PAM 718 is powered by a clone P.1000 movement. Actually, the factory uses a Japanese manual winding movement to modify, so the movement plates on the replica will have the same decoration and marking as genuine P.1000 Caliber. The biggest difference is that genuine P.1000 Caliber has a 3-day power reserve once it is fully wound. The movement is shown through a crystal case back, so, do not show the watch through its movement in front of somebody who is a replica Panerai watch expert, or he will identify it as a fake easily although the dial and other details are so real. The genuine black leather strap features black hand stitching, the strap genuine-likelike texture and it is indeed made of calf leather, very comfortable to wear.

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even though there is everlastingly good color contrast aside, the only two hands on the Panerai are just short. I found this in official images but even during the excitement of unpacking a freshly received review unit, they soon stood out for me as too short – also, frankly, I don’t find the necessities, see why this was necessary. the minute hand falls way short of the track it’s by definition supposed to approach, and the hour hand sometimes just looks “lost” in the sea of white, coming in way too short to be even remotely close to the outer edge of the dial (it barely reaches halfway across).
perhaps longer and heavier hands would have put additional strain on the movement, but if anything, an 8-day power reserve movement should have enough torque to move these thin and light hands around. I personally will go so far as to say I would have traded a day or two of power reserve for longer hands.

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