A Unique Patek Philippe and Nice Omega Replica Watch

We will start with a Patek Philippe replica watch in stainless steel this week. Of course, its dial has been replaced, but the rarity of this watch in this metal easily trumps that fact. We keep the chronograph love going with an oversized Omega, relying on the caliber 33.3. Then what could represent time-only pieces better than a Chronometre Royal from Vacheron Constantin? Replica Patek Philippe
Replica Patek Philippe chronographs are some of the most coveted vintages watches around, and this model is no exception. Initially launched in 1940, it was designed as a sporting chronograph, hence the water-resistant case manufactured by the famous case maker Francois Borgel (later renamed Taubert Freres). Only around 750 examples were produced between 1940 and the late 1960s (regular production ended in 1965, but some examples from as late as 1968 have been found), and of those, the vast majority were cased in yellow gold.
This makes this stainless steel piece a rarity, which explains why we dedicated an article to the previous steel example with Breguet numerals that we saw. The seller of this 1463 adds that the present watch is the only stainless steel known with a two-tone dial that sports Breguet numerals and a pulsation scale. He also offers the extracted certificate that documents the dial replacement in 1998. The watch was previously auctioned by Antiquorum in 2004. replica Omega
As for the replica Omega watch, originally introduced in 1933, the caliber 33.3 is one of the most iconic chronograph movements used by Omega. Its two-register layout looks especially fantastic in an oversized case, like the present one, standing at a respectable 37.5mm and seemingly unpolished. Please don’t forget it, in the early 1940s, the regular diameter for wristwatches was more in the lower part of the 30mm range. This chronograph also sports the characteristic oval pushers, often nicknamed “olive pushers.”
The dial is also untouched, showing the correct amount of patina and light aging that you should expect from a 75-year-old watch. The seller indicates a small scratch on the dial at seven o’clock, visible just above the painted numeral. He adds that the watch was serviced in 2017 (and has worked well ever since) and that an extract from the Omega Archives will also be provided.