The best Hublot Unico yellow ceramic watch

A few weeks ago, ZF released a couple of new Hublot Big Bang Unico watches, and this yellow model is one of them. I didn’t like the Hublot Unico before because it was too big and the case was too thick and the whole watch felt heavy, but when I saw this yellow watch a few days ago I made the decision that I had to save my money now and get one in the future. I don’t have a real ceramic watch, the only watch with a ceramic bezel is a black Sub 116610LN that I bought from VS a few years ago. A stainless steel watch, a full ceramic watch, and a forged carbon watch, these three are my dream watches and now I have a stainless steel Submarine.
The Hublot Unico is the first watch I have seen with a colored ceramic case, it has a 44mm diameter and measures 17mm thick. The watch uses genuine yellow ceramic for the case and bezel, and the screws on the case are matte black. Looking at both sides of the watch, ZF paid great attention to the case construction to ensure good water resistance and to create an accurate 1:1 case based on the original. The layered case construction uses different types of materials, each piece being integrated into a complete case. Until now, ZF has only made replicas of Hublot’s Unico models, and the casework on each one is so good that hopefully, they will make other Hublot Big Bang watches in the future.
The skeleton dial looks amazing, first of all, it is a quality replica dial of the original watch, you can see the machine parts and the silver date wheel on the front, the yellow bezel inside, and the two subdials show the multi-layered structure of the dial. The yellow color used on the dial perfectly matches the color of the yellow ceramic case. The two subdials have real functions, the one at 9 o’clock for the small seconds and the larger one on the right for the minute counter.
The case back has a shiny black metal rim, not made of ceramic, and a see-through crystal in the center of the case back that allows full visibility of the movement. The movement is a clone based on the look of the real HUB1280 and the movement plate is beautifully decorated, the best clone of a Unico movement I have ever seen. I see a lot of components, don’t shake the movement vigorously. Nowadays only the big watchmakers are willing to spend money and time to modify the movement, the first look at the movement through the crystal back is very important, if you want the most beautiful clone movement with the correct function, make sure to buy from the big makers, of course, they are expensive.