Fabulous Replica Patek Philippe Watches

No matter if you’re a diehard Patek lover or not, we have to say that the brand had a great year in terms of new releases. The two highly desirable sports models which we call the Nautilus and Aquanaut gained new additions to their own collections, each positioned at opposite ends of the scale in terms of complexity.
Some of these new replica watches ruffled a few feathers within the purist’s circles as “not being very Patek” in their aesthetics, but the brand has been proving intent on reaching a broader audience with these innovations, and they seem to be on the right track in that respect. No matter what camp you’re in, there was something for everyone lurking in the fake Patek Philippe booth. 
This new addition is unlikely to bring an end to the steel Nautilus waitlists, but it might make it the faintest bit easier to get your hands on one.
While not a new fake model, this latest release brings the classic Nautilus blue to the Annual Calendar Moonphase model previously only available in slate grey. Now having seen the two colors side by side, it’s no easy to argue with the fact that this new dial variant has become the essential version soon.
This slightly vintage-looking piece is hands-down the home run of the pack for several reasons. To begin with, we have a new caliber from the replica Patek Philippe. It’s based on the caliber 324; however, the configuration of the complication affixed to it is new. Second, it’s an entirely new steel watch that isn’t a Nautilus or Aquanaut, which is something we definitely do not see often from the brand.
This funky new 40mm calendar watch stands for a compelling alternative to the heavily hyped icon before even touching on the point that a 5711 is a nightmare to track down these days. Personally, I’d take the sophistication any day of the week.
Variations of this watch just seem to keep taking heat from the enthusiast sect time after time. “Patek has no business building a pilot’s watch,” they say, or other such nonsense. Of course, they don’t have an aviation history like Breguet or Breitling replica watch, but with so many brands pulling watch designs out of the ether, I don’t think that we can keep complaining like this so long as the pieces remain well executed. If you’re a fan of clever executions of complications in general, this piece will tick plenty of boxes.
First, you have the standard Patek Travel Time setup, where the local time is advanced and retarded via pushers on the left of the case. However, instead of cluttering the dial with another hand, Patek displays the alarm set time digitally below the 12 o’clock marker. The reason is that the fake Patek used a variation of their minute repeater gongs to provide the alarm chime, cased the piece in platinum. Actually, I don’t agree with the nomenclature, it’s an amazing piece, and one worth coveting for sure.